Maeve Sheridan is an ACPAT Chartered Physiotherapist based in Edinburgh.

Maeve is a highly specialised and experienced physiotherapist. Maeve qualified with a four year BSc honours degree in Physiotherapy from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen in 2000. Maeve returned to university to study Veterinary Physiotherapy at the Royal Veterinary College in London. She qualified in 2006 with a post graduate diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy. Since then she has set up Animal Physio Plus and treats horses and riders throughout central Scotland.

Maeve worked in Edinburgh in NHS outpatient clinics and private physiotherapy and sports clinics treating musculoskeletal disorders and sports injuries for ten years before leaving to work full time with horses and riders. She continues to treat people for musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries and is ideally placed to assess and treat riders.

As a Chartered Physiotherapist, Maeve adheres to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy's regulations and standards of practice and has professional and public liability insurance. She works closely with the Veterinary profession and other specialists to provide the highest standard of care for your animal. All animals are assessed only with veterinary referral or consent.


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Equine Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can help your horse by relieving pain, increasing mobility, promoting healing and can help to achieve and maintain optimal performance levels. Often horses only display subtle signs of pain or discomfort such as a change in behaviour, a change in performance, stiffness or a change in their normal movement pattern.


Rider Physiotherapy

As the horse and rider is a partnership, any stiffness or pain in the rider will have an affect on how the horse moves and vice versa. Maeve is an expert at assessing where the issue lies in the partnership and treating this to ensure the optimum performance from both horse and rider.


Activate Your Seat

Activate Your Seat is an exercise programme designed specifically for horse riders. This exercise programme targets the muscles of your seat using a resistance band called the butt bungi.